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Why risk getting sick?        CMD makes it easier to stay healthy!
Good health makes life worth living

Good health is essential for a long and happy life. But we usually only appreciate its importance when we begin to feel poorly, or when medical tests turn up worrying information. Early detection of imbalances in the body can prevent problems later on. This is where CMD can contribute to your good health, by providing access to reliable early screening technology that previously was beyond the reach of all but a few members of a specially privileged group.

Who's *really* looking after your health?

It should be you, really. Any doctor will tell you, early detection of illness is all-important. If caught in early stages, most serious diseases can be treated effectively.

This is where CMD makes an important contribution to your well-being, by allowing you to monitor your body's vital indicators regularly and take control of your health.

What is CMD?

CMD (for Computer Meridian Diagnostics) is a revolutionary health-check system that is now available to the general public for the first time. The system from which it is derived was developed at huge cost by a team of Russia's leading space scientists. That system has been used with great success in protecting the health of cosmonauts during lengthy journeys in space.

The body is its own best physician. It signals when something is not as it should be. Chinese physicians were aware of this thousands of years ago. They knew that any illness could be traced to an imbalance in the body's energy systems. Correct the balance, and cure the illness.

CMD can detect those warning signals. It enables anyone with an ordinary PC or laptop and Internet connection to measure their body's vital energy and get an immediate indication of their state of well-being -- painlessly, and without visiting a doctor. Measurements are taken using a special, easy-to-use sensor provided to all CMD members.

These measurements are then sent, via the Internet, to the central CMD-Server in Germany, where the readings are compared with data collected from people of the same age and gender in various states of health. More than 12 million such measurements are stored in a CMD database that is constantly being expanded.

Evaluation takes only seconds, and the results are displayed on the member's computer screen. The entire health check procedure can be done in under three minutes.

Members may take an unlimited number of readings, even daily, and send them for evaluation, thereby building a health profile that will reveal trends and patterns.


Your CMD online doctor is only a mouse-click away from anywhere in the world.
How do I become a CMD member?

You can join the CMD program through a simple online Registration or by going to a CMD health-check center near you. For full details on how you also can utilize the CMD preventive health-care system, please click on your country on the Registration page which will put you in touch with your local CMD distributor who will be happy to provide full details.

CMD membership includes a risk-free UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE of all equipment and services!


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CMD membership - includes a risk-free UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE of all equipment and services!

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